Yesterday’s ride…

I took Lola out for a spin yesterday to shoot some video and get a few pictures for Rad8 MTB glasses. As part of the test team I get to put new designs through their paces, and see what’s what.

I wore the 502 photochromics – these are a great idea for woods you riding. The loop started easily enough, flattish, with a couple of rock features to keep things interesting. The adjustable nose piece and grippers kept the glasses firmly anchored to my face, the lens darkening and lightening almost imperceptibly. First loop done, and it was time to swap the GoPro angles a bit. So I took the glasses off, and hooked them into my belt (or so I thought). In fact, I’d dropped them onto the (muddy) ground. I stepped back, and straight onto my glasses. Rats. I picked them up, bent the nose piece back into position, and inspected the damage. Only there wasn’t any. 14 stone of incompetent idiot through a pair of Five Tens, and not a scratch to show.

Well done Rad8. Your glasses are officially Marmot-proof.


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