Oh, the vanity…

Two-fifths of the Feral Marmot Collective…

Well, it was only a matter of time I guess. Yes, I finally bit the bullet and had some custom jerseys made. It was nothing but vanity on my part, but quite frankly they look awesome, and I don’t care. There’s a few people I ride with regularly, and we’d been talking about getting some jerseys done, so I made some enquiries. The fantastic folks over at Purple Mustard came highly recommended from a number of sources, and couldn’t have been more helpful. With a few logos sourced, I gave them a brief outline of what I wanted (including a back-of-a-napkin sketch), and they delivered the goods. I have to say, I think they look great – I’ve had some great feedback, and may consider a second production run if demand is there. From a purely selfish standpoint though, I quite like the idea of there only being five of these jerseys on the planet…

If you’re thinking of having custom jerseys done, do it. It might just cost you less than you think…

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