Rad8 505 review

The 505s are the latest release from British sunglasses company Rad8, and feature their trademark photochromic lenses. It’s fair to say I’ve been a huge fan of Rad8’s previous models, with their 504 models being my go-to riding and lounging glasses for some time now (I have a few pairs of Oakley that have never been out of their cases since I got my first pair of Rads…).

The single-lens 506s see a lot of use on my road bike (don’t tell Steve Rad8) in place of my previous favourite pair of Oakley Radars, but the 505s are definitely MTB through and through. A full-frame design, the 505s hug the face a little more closely than the 504s, but still benefit from a little airflow around the lens. This, combined with Rad8’s ever impressive anti-fog coating means that they stay fog-free in the vast majority of conditions. I’m a fairly sweaty individual, and tend to run quite hot, so finding glasses that don’t mist up has always been something of a challenge for me. Believe me, I’ve tried to steam the 505s up, and I do mean REALLY tried, but nope, can’t do it.

The other party trick of the 505s is their photochromic lenses. These transition from virtually clear to a darkish smoke that’s perfect for 99% of UK riding. They do this almost imperceptibly, but quickly enough for it not to be a problem when diving between bright sunshine and deep shadows in the woods.

Oh, and they’re black, with purple grippers, and also come in a fixed-tint polarised mirror lens, perfect for post-ride posing and driving home from the trails. What more could you want?

PS – Steve, if you’re reading this, PLEASE can we have the white version?

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